Master of Science (Bio-Tech)

Semester - I Semester - II
Paper No. Title of Paper(s) Paper No. Title of Paper(s)
MT-101 Structure of Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic Cell MT-201 Chemical Foundations of Biology
MT-102 Cellular Organelles MT-202 Polysaccharides
MT-103 Cell Cycle MT-203 Bio-Physical Techniques
MT-104 Cellular basis of differentiation
and development
MT-204 Protein Folding-Biophysocal and
Cellular aspects
Semester - IIIrd Semester - IVth
MT-301 The beginning of Microbiology discovery MT-401 DNA Replication
MT-302 Microbial Growth MT-402 Translation
MT-303 Prokaryotic Diversity Bacteria MT-403 Antisense and Ribozyme Technology
MT-304 Viruses MT-404 Molecular marker in genome analysis
MT-305 Prokaryotic Cell
Semester - Vth
MT-501 Sample size estimation & design
MT-502 Concept & probability distribution
MT-503 Permutation & Combination
MT-504 Differential Calculus