Diploma in Electronics Communication Engineering

Self Employment

• Marketing & Sales (Distributors-whole sale & retailers)
• Service Sector (repair and Maintenance; job work)
• Cable laying and jointing DBs etc.
• Preparing Simulated Models


Various Departments/Organizations/Boards and Corporations

  • Tele - Communication Engineering and related Dept.
  • AIR, Doordarshan
  • Overseas Communication
  • Mine Communication
  • Radar and Wireless
  • Railways
  • Defence Services
  • Electricity Boards and Corporations etc.


  • Communication Industry Including Paramilitary Services
  • PCB Design and Fabrication Industry
  • Process Control Industry
  • Consumer Electronics Industry
  • Electronic Components and Devices Manufacturing and Installation Organizations
  • Computer Assembling and Computer Peripheral Industry;
  • Computer Software Areas for Electronic Design & Semi Conductor

Manufacturing Industry

  • Automobile Industry
  • Medical Electronics Industry
  • Instrumentation and Control Industries

Development/Testing Laboratories/Organizations

  • Electronics Service Centres
  • Opto Electronics
  • Computer Networking
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions
  • Sales and Services of Electronic Gadgets from Small Scale Industries