Advance Web Designing

It is the first most important part of building a website. Before designing a website, it is necessary to do proper planningas in the case of building a house. If you start building your housewithout giving a thought of planning, the house may end up intoan uncomfortable dwelling. Same way, for building a good websitecertain things should be taken care of.

To promote information on companies, products and sources, sports and games, Travel and tourism,medicines and health. Having specific purpose is a necessary since it provides you with the guidelines on what should be put onto your site; what resources (Software, Hardware, and Manpower) are needs for the project etc.


1 Purpose of website
2 Target Audience
3 Website contents
4 Blue print of a website
5 Directory Structure of the website
6 Good Website Design

The following “Things to consider” while planning a website:

  • Purpose of website
  • Target audience
  • Website contents
  • Blue print of a website
  • Directory structure of the website
  • Budgeting

Purpose of website The initial stage of planning your website is to “Identity the Purpose of the Site”. It could be as follows:

  • To educate people
  • To entertain people
  • To promote / sell a product
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to Find
  • Layout and design consistency
  • Quick download
  • Updated information and features that support all browsers