Stenography comprises skills in Shorthand, Transcription and Typewriting. It is indispensible in business, profession, vocation and administration-wherever it is desirable to have a quick and verbatim record of the spoken words.

This skill is being included in the curriculum as many students have the aptitude towards this particular area. Besides, its knowledge provides early employment opportunities. It is expected that the learners, after getting training in this field, will not face difficulty in getting suitable jobs.


This course aims at enabling learners to:

  • Develop skills in quick written communication
  • Improve essential traits and behaviour patterns e.g. concentration, judgement,
  • Initiative Cultivate vocational skills for gainful employment in stenotype
  • Prepare for gainful employment

Job Opportunities

1. Self employment: Taking up secretarial related work on contract from various offices, Opening small institute to impart training
2. Wage employment: Stenographers, Office Assistants, Clerk

Entry Qualification

Education : X Class pass

Course Duration

One Year

Scheme of Evaluation

  • Internal Assessment : NA
  • External Examination
  • Total Marks - 100
  • Theory - 30%
  • Practical - 70%

Passing Criteria

Separate Pass 33% marks in Theory and Practical