Master of Commerce (M.Com)

M.Com is a postgraduate academic master degree which is awarded for a course or programme in commerce. The course strengthens the theoretical analytical and applied knowledge base of commerce. It releases the knowledge of Accounts maintenance in the firms and also in banks.


Based on specialization, M.Com graduates are typically employed in fields related their degree focus such as financial services, marketing project management, general management, business consulting etc.

The M.Com degree holders can move ahead with considerable differences in academics, research and corporate world. Progressing fees the M.Com, a student can pursue a master of Philosophy (M.Phil) or a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree programme.


The minimum qualification for admission to the first semester of the course shall be: A person who has passed with at least 45% marks in aggregate B.com (Hons/Pass) or BBA or B.A. with economics (with at least 45% marks in economics) or B.A. with commerce marketing or Insurance ( as a subject under “Restructured Scheme” as the case may be) of M.D. university as of any other university recognized as equivalent there to by the university along with English as one of the subjects, is eligible for admission to M.com course.

Subject Scheme

Semester - Ist Semester - IInd
Code Subject Code Subject
MC-1.1 Accounting for Managerial Decisions-I MC-2.1 Accounting for Managerial Decisions-II
MC-1.2 Management Concepts MC-2.2 Management Concepts
MC-1.3 Business Environment – I MC-2.3 Business Environment – II
MC-1.4 Managerial Economics – I MC-2.4 Managerial Economics – II
MC-1.5 Statistical Analysis For Business MC-2.5 Quantitative Techniques for Managerial Decisions
MC-1.6 Computer Application to Business – I MC-2.6 Computer Application to Business – II
Viva-Voce Examination Viva-Voce Examination
Semester - IIIrd Semester - IVth
Code Subject Code Subject
MC-3.0.1 Strategic Management – I MC-4.0.1 Strategic Management – II
MC-3.0.2 Accounting Theory MC-4.0.2 Accounting Theory & Practice
Comprehensive viva Comprehensive viva
Optional Papers
Any four subject of any group (as given below)
Optional Papers
Any four subject of any group (as given below)
Group I Group I
MC-3.1.1 Corporate Tax Planning And Management-I MC-4.1.1 Corporate Tax Planning And Management-II
MC-3.1.2 Advanced Accounting-I MC-4.1.2 Advanced Accounting-II
MC-3.1.3 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - I MC-4.1.3 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - II
MC-3.1.4 Multinational Finance-I MC-4.1.4 Multinational Finance-II
MC-3.1.5 Merchant Banking - I MC-4.1.5 Merchant Banking - II
MC-3.1.6 Corporate Taxation MC-4.1.6 Financial Derivatives
MC-3.1.7 E-Commerce-I MC-4.1.7 E-Commerce-II
Group II Group II
MC-3.2.1 Marketing Concepts MC-4.2.1 Marketing Decisions
MC-3.2.2 Marketing Research-I MC-4.2.2 Marketing Research-II
MC-3.2.3 International Business Environment-I MC-4.2.3 International Business Environment-II
MC-3.2.4 Financial Management-I MC-4.2.4 Financial Management-II
MC-3.2.5 Advanced Cost Accounting MC-4.2.5 Cost Management
MC-3.2.6 Human Resource Management-I MC-4.2.6 Human Resource Management-II
MC-3.2.7 E-Commerce-I MC-4.2.7 E-Commerce-II
Group III Group III
MC-3.3.1 Entrepreneurship Development-I MC-4.3.1 Entrepreneurship Development-II
MC-3.3.1 Production Management-I MC-4.3.2 Production Management-II
MC-3.3.1 Project Planning and Control-I MC-4.3.3 Project Planning and Control-II
MC-3.3.1 Corporate Legal Framework-I MC-4.3.4 Corporate Legal Framework-II
MC-3.3.7 Financial Institution & Market-I MC-4.3.5 Financial Institution & Market-II
MC-3.3.7 Small Business Financial Mgt-I MC-4.3.6 Small Business Financial Mgt-II
MC-3.3.7 E-Commerce-I MC-4.3.7 E-Commerce-II
Group IV Group IV
MC-3.4.1 Foreign Trade Policy, Procedure &
MC-4.4.1 Foreign Trade Policy, Procedure &
MC-3.4.1 International Finance-I MC-4.4.2 International Finance-II
MC-3.4.1 International Marketing-I MC-4.4.3 International Marketing-II
MC-3.4.1 International Business Laws and Taxation-I MC-4.4.4 International Business Laws and Taxation-II
MC-3.4.7 International Business Environment-I MC-4.4.5 International Business Environment-II
MC-3.4.7 Operations Research-I MC-4.4.6 Operations Research-II
MC-3.4.7 E-Commerce-I MC-4.4.7 E-Commerce-II