Bachelor of Arts is a non - profit, dedicated to promoting the study of BA programs and degrees by providing unbiased straight forward information for students to used to begin their degree research An arts degree prepares you for a variety of careers and professions by providing the analytical tools and writing skills necessary for success in today’s workplace. l arts students become familiar with the great ideas, historical events, and social forces that have shaped the contemporary world. Ideas are presented in a global context to make the knowledge relevant to our increasingly interrelated cross - cultural environment. The Bachelor of Arts degree is the traditional requirement for graduate study in business, law, and specific academic fields.


The Bachelor of Arts course has as its objectives that graduates :

  • Can demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of selected fields of study in the humanities, languages and social and behavioural sciences.
  • Can access and appreciate national and international debates in their areas of study.
  • Can demonstrate an independent approach to knowledge that uses rigorous methods of inquiry and appropriate theories and methodologies that are applied with intellectual honesty and a respect for ethical values.
  • Can apply critical and analytical skills and methods to the identification and resolution of problems within a changing social context.
  • Can act as informed and critically discriminating participants within the community of scholars, as citizens and in the work force.
  • Can communicate effectively and, in the case of those students undertaking a language major, are able to read, write and speak another language with fluency and appreciate its cultural context
  • Qualify for employment in a wide range of occupations
  • Have a continuing commitment to learning
  • Are proficient in the use of appropriate modern technologies, such as the computer and other IT systems, for the acquisition, processing and interpretation of data.



Successful completion of class 10 2 of Haryana Education Board or any other examination recognized by the Academic Council as equivalent to it, with 33% Score.

P.G. Classes

A person who has passed one of the following examinations shall be eligible to join the previous (Part-1) class of master of arts (M.A.) Courses:-

1.    B.A./B.Sc. B.Com., (Hons.) examination in the subject of Postgraduate course.

2.    B.A./B.Sc./B.Com Hons.) Examination in the subject other than the subject of Post-Graduate Course        with at least 50% marks in the aggregate.

3.    Bachelor degree with at least 50% marks in aggregate or 45% marks in the subject of P.G. Course in        which the candidate wishes to seek admission.

Provided That

  • A candidate getting at least 55% marks in Hindi (Compulsory)subject may also be considered eligible for admission to M.A. (Hindi)
  • A candidates who has passed B.A. (Hons.) in sanskrit with at least 45% marks or B.A. Examination with at least 45% marks in sanskrit (elective) may also be considered eligible to take up M.A. (Hindi).

Important Note for P.G. Classes

A candidate who is placed under compartment in the qualifying / examination is not eligible to join M.A. Course

The minimum percentage of marks to pass the examination in each semester shall be-

  • 35% in each theory paper separately & in aggregate of theory & internal assessment marks where prescribed
  • 40% in each Practical/Dissertation/Viva-Voce where prescribed.
  • 40% in aggregate.

Internal Assessment U.G. Classes

Internal assessment of Ten marks (for B.A. V & VI Sem) and Twenty (for B.A. Ist, IInd, IIIrd & IVth sem) marks in each subject is awarded to students of U.G. Course according to the following norms:

  • 50% for performance in House exam.
  • 50% for the attendance (75% and above).
  • No marks are given if attendance is belo w 75%

P.G. Classes

Internal assessment of 20 marks is applicable as shown below:

  • 10 marks for House Exams.
  • 5 marks in proportion to attendance (65% & above). no marks if attendance is below 65%.
  • 5 marks for Presentation/ Class test/ Project

Subject Scheme

U.G. Classes

Compulsory Subject Elective Subjects
I II Group-1 Group-2 Group-3 Group-4
English (Comp) Hindi (Comp) Sanskrit(Elective) Math Pol. Sc. History
- - Economics Music (V) Phy. Ed. -
- - - Sociology - -

B.A. (English - Hons.)

Semester Ist Semester II
I Introduction to Poetry & Related Literary Terms VI Introduction to Drama & Related Literary Terms
II Introduction to Fiction & Related Literary Terms VII Introduction to Prose
III English Phonetics and Grammar VIII Essentials of Communication
IV Compulsory I (One language other than English) XI Compulsory II (Same language as for the Semester-I)
V Elective-I (One Elective subject from B.A. Pass Course with the same scheme of Examination) X Elective II (Same subject as for the Semester-I)

P.G. Classes

M.A. (Pol. Sc.)

Semester Ist and IInd Semester IIIrd and IVth
I Western Political Thought VI Contemporary political thoughts & theory
II Indian Political System VII Comparative Politics
III International Politics VIII International Law
IV Public Administration XI Diplomacy: Theory & Practice
V Research Methodology X Foreign Policy in India

M.A. (English)

Semester Ist Semester IInd
I Chaucer to the Renaissance VI The Romantic Age
II Jarobean to the Restoration Age VII Victorian Literature
III Neo-classicism and the rise of the Novel VIII Any one of the following options
i) Indian Drama and Poetry
ii) Indian Novel in English
iii) Modern Indian literature in Translation
IV English Phonetics and Phonology (option 1) IX Criticism - I (Aristotle to T.S. Elito)
V Classical Greek Drama (Option II)
Semester IIIrd Semester IVth
X Criticism II XIV Contempporary Critical Theory
XI Modern British Literature XV a) Literature & Gender
b) European Literature
c) Major Critical Concepts & Movement
XII a) American Literature
b) World Literature
XVI a) Diasporic Literature
b) Subaltem Studies
XIII a) Contemporary American Literature
b) Contemporary Indian Literature
c) Contemporary British Literature
XVII a) Linguistics & ELT
b) Indian Classical Drama

M.A. (History)

Semester Ist Semester IInd
Paper - I Ancient Societies-I Paper - VI Ancient Societies-II
Paper - II Medieval Societies Paper - VII Medieval World
Paper - III Modern Word Paper - VIII Modern World
Paper - IV History of Haryana Paper - IX History of Haryana
Paper - V State in India Paper - X State in India