Bachelor of Science (Bio-Tech)

B.Sc. (Biotechnology) is a 3 year undergraduate program; it involves an advanced study of the cellular and bimolecular processes for development of a variety of technologies and products that contribute to improving people’s lives and health. This course opens an array of job opportunities in Government as well as Private sector.

Biotechnology is essentially a research-oriented and diverse field of medical science, and some of the popular professional avenues open to such graduates are: Research Associate, Research Scientist, Biotech Product Analyst, Marketing Manager, Lecturer etc.

The course is divided across 6 semesters, of six months each, and the basic eligibility for applying to the course is 10+2 qualification in the science stream, completed from a recognized educational board.


The broad objective of the program me is to produce graduates who will meet the demand of public and private research and teaching institutions working on biomedical research, agricultural or industrial biotechnology, involving diagnostics and quality control of various bio-products and foods.


Admission to the first semester of B.Sc( medical) will be open to the candidate who have passed senior secondary examination(10 2) with 45% of marks from a recognized board of school education from science stream with physics chemistry and biology as the subjects.

Subject Scheme

Semester - I Semester - II
Code Subject Code Subject
BT 101 English BT 201 Biostatistics
BT 102 Plant Diversity-I & Bioprospecting BT 202 Microbiology
BT 103 Cell Biology BT 203 Genetics
BT 104 Biochemistry and Metabolism BT 204 Animal Diversity & Economic Zoology
BT 105 Physical Chemistry BT 205 Physical Chemistry
BT 106 Inorganic Chemistry BT 206 Organic Chemistry
BT 107 Organic Chemistry BT 207 Inorganic Chemistry
Practical of BT-102 to BT104 BT 208 Seminar and term paper writing on Biostatistics/
Microbiology/Genetics/Animal Diversity
Practical of BT-105 to BT-107 BT-209 Lab Course I: Chemistry (BT-105 to 107 and BT-205 to 207)
BT-210 Lab Course II : Plant diversity, Cell Biology, Biochemistry and
BT-211 Lab Course III : Microbiology, Genetics, Animal Diversity ,
*All the Practical examinations of Ist semester will be held
along with IInd Semester annually.
Semester - III Semester - IV
Code Subject Code Subject
BT 301 Medical Microbiology BT 401 Animal Diversity II
BT 302 Bio analytical Tools BT 402 Molecular Biology
BT 303 Plant Physiology BT 403 Animal Developmental Biology
BT 304 Plant Diversity II BT 404 Mammalian Physiology
BT 305 Physical Chemistry BT 405 Physical Chemistry BT-406 Organic Chemistry
BT 306 Organic Chemistry BT 406 Inorganic Chemistry
BT 307 Inorganic Chemistry BT 407 Seminar and term paper writing on Molecular
Biology/Animal Developmental biology / Physiology
Practical of BT-301 to 304 BT-409 Lab Course-I: Chemistry(BT-305 to BT-307 and BT 405 to BT -407)
Practical of BT-305 to BT-307 BT -410 Lab Course II: Bio--analytical tools, Plant
Physiology, Plant Diversity, Medical Microbiology
BT-411 Lab Course III: Molecular Biology & Animal Diversity,
Developmental and Mammalian Physiology
The practical exams of IIIrd semester will be
held along with IVth Semester annually.
Semester - V Semester - Vi
BT 501 Bioinformatics BT 601 I.P.R. Entrepreneurship Bio-ethics & Bio safety
BT 502 Recombinant DNA Technology BT 602 Animal Biotechnology
BT 503 Immunology BT 603 Bioprocess Technology
BT 504 Genomic & Proteomics BT 604 Plant Biotechnology & Environmental Biotechnology
BT 505 Physical Chemistry BT 605 Physical Chemistry
BT 506 Organic Chemistry BT 606 Organic Chemistry
BT 507 Inorganic Chemistry BT 607 Inorganic Chemistry
Practical of BT-501 to BT-504 BT 608 Project report and presentation
Practical of BT-505 to BT-507 BT-609 Lab Course- I Chemistry (BT-505 to BT-507 and BT-605 to BT-607)
BT-610 Lab Course - II: Bioinformatics, r-DNA Technology,
Immunology, Genomics & Proteomics.
BT-611 Lab Course III Animal Biotech., Bioprocess technology,
Plant Biotech & Env. Biotech and IPR & Entrepreneurship
The practical exams of V semester will be held
along with VI Semester annually.