Master of Science (Bio-Tech)

MSC Biotechnology syllabus is designed in such a way that it enhances student’s knowledge about biotechnology and its related disciplines such as genetics, animal biotechnology, food technology, plant biotechnology, etc. MSC biotech students are hired in capacities such as Sr. Associate Scientist, Research Biochemist, Sr. Regulatory Affairs Associate, Biotechnology Researcher, Associate Engineer, Quality Controller and Regional Manager and in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Biotechnology, Research Organizations, and FMCG besides colleges and universities as teachers.

Semester - I Semester - II
Paper No. Title of Paper(s) Paper No. Title of Paper(s)
MT-101 Structure of Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic Cell MT-201 Chemical Foundations of Biology
MT-102 Cellular Organelles MT-202 Polysaccharides
MT-103 Cell Cycle MT-203 Bio-Physical Techniques
MT-104 Cellular basis of differentiation
and development
MT-204 Protein Folding-Biophysocal and
Cellular aspects
Semester - IIIrd Semester - IVth
MT-301 The beginning of Microbiology discovery MT-401 DNA Replication
MT-302 Microbial Growth MT-402 Translation
MT-303 Prokaryotic Diversity Bacteria MT-403 Antisense and Ribozyme Technology
MT-304 Viruses MT-404 Molecular marker in genome analysis
MT-305 Prokaryotic Cell
Semester - Vth
MT-501 Sample size estimation & design
MT-502 Concept & probability distribution
MT-503 Permutation & Combination
MT-504 Differential Calculus