Master of Science (Physics)

Physics is a branch of science which is concerned with the study of matter and energy and the interaction between them. MSC Physics also imparts knowledge on the fundamental principles of several branches in Physics. MSC Physics also covers the basic knowledge of various specializations like nuclear physics, high energy physics, condensed matter physics, astrophysics, cosmology, medicine, mining, geophysics. After this MSC Physics, students can opt for M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Physics. MSC Physics students have wide range of employment areas like Government as well as private sector, teaching, research labs, medical labs, IT field, technical field, automobile industry and various government-owned Scientific Research and Development Organizations.

Semester - Ist Semester - IInd
Paper No. Title of Paper(s) Paper No. Title of Paper(s)
Paper-I Mathematical Physics Paper-V Statistical Mechanics
Paper-II Classical Mechanics Paper-VI Quantum Mechanics - II
Paper-III Quantum Mechanics - I Paper-VII Nuclear and Particle Physics
Paper-IV Electronics Devices Paper-VIII Atomic and Molecular Physics
Paper-IX Practical (General)
Paper-X Practical (Electronics)
Semester - IIIrd Semester - IVth
Paper-XI Condensed Metter Physics Paper-XV Electro dynamics and Wave Propagation
Paper-XII Solid State Electronics (EL-2) Paper-XVI Physics of Nano-materials
Paper-XIII Any one of the following:
a. Solid State Physics-I
b. Electronics-I
Paper-XVII Any one of the following
a. Solid State Physics-II
b. Electronics-II
Paper-XIV Any one of the following
a. Atomic & Molecular Physics-I
b. Computational Methods & Progamming-I
Paper-XVIII Any one of the following
a. Atomic & Molecular Physics-II
b. Computational Methods & Progamming-II
Paper-XIX Practical (General)
Paper-XX(A) Practical (Special Paper-I)
Paper-XX(B) Practical (Special Paper-II)