Master of Arts (Economics)

A Master of Arts in economics offers a deep dive into economic theory, quantitative analysis, and policy implications. Students specialize in areas like international economics, finance, or development, honing strong analytical skills. Through research projects, they tackle real-world economic issues and evaluate policy decisions. Graduates pursue careers in government, finance, consulting, and research, or continue their studies for academic or research positions.

Top of Form

Over 2 Years students of M.A(Eco) will gain deep knowledge of these subjects –

1st Semester

1.     Micro Economics-I

2.     Macro Economics-I

3.     Economics of Growth and Development-I

4.     Mathematics for Economists-I

5.     Statistical Methods-I

2nd Semester

1.     Micro Economics-II

2.     Macro Economics-II

3.     Economics of Growth and Development-II

4.     Mathematics for Economists-II

5.     Statistical Methods-II

Open Electives

*Fundamentals of Management

Foundation Course

             #Communication and Soft Skills

3rd Semester

1.     Indian Economy-I

2.     International Trade and Finance

3.     Agricultural Economics-I

4.     Financial Institutions and Markets-I

5.     Public Economics-I


4th Semester

1.     Indian Economy-II

2.     International Trade and Finance- II

3.     Agricultural Economics-II

4.     Financial Institutions and Markets-II

5.     Public Economics-II

Scope of Master of Economics

Upon completing this degree, students have the option to pursue further education through a Ph.D. program or secure employment in prestigious national and multinational organizations. In India, graduates can explore various career paths including Financial Analyst, Stock Broker, Associate Researcher, Economic Analyst, Teacher, Senior Business Analyst, Senior Economist, Trade Analyst, Marketing Manager, and Branch Retail Manager.