B.Com (Hons.) Course for Girls

The Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), often abbreviated as B.Com (H), stands as a beacon of academic excellence and specialized knowledge in the realm of commerce and business. This distinguished undergraduate program offers a comprehensive understanding of various facets of commerce, providing students with a robust foundation for thriving in the dynamic world of business.

Honours Specialization:

What sets B.Com (H) apart is its emphasis on honours specialization. Students have the opportunity to delve into specific domains of commerce, such as accounting, finance, marketing, or entrepreneurship, through specialized courses and research projects. This honours specialization equips graduates with a competitive edge in their chosen field, positioning them as experts ready to tackle real-world challenges with confidence and competence.

During the course of three years, a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) student will acquire extensive expertise in the following subjects:

First Semester

Sr.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

BCH-1.01 An Introduction to Statistics

BCH-1.02 Business Communication BCH-1.03 Business Organisation

BCH-1.04 An Introduction to Accounting

BCH-1.05 Fundamentals of Economics BCH-1.06 Business Law-I

*Comprehensive Viva-Voce

Second Semester

Sr.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

BCH-2.01 Financial Accounting for Business BCH-2.02 Business Economics

BCH-2.03 Business Statistics

BCH-2.04 Business Management

BCH-2.05 Business Law-II

BCH-2.06 Introduction to Computers

*Comprehensive Viva-Voce — 50 Environmental Studies (Qualifying Paper)

Third Semester

Sr.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

BCH-3.01 Business Mathematics

BCH-3.02 Corporate Accounting-I

BCH-3.03 Cost Accounting

BCH-3.04 Company Law-I

BCH-3.05 Principles of Marketing

BCH-3.06 Basics of Information Technology *Comprehensive Viva-Voce

Fourth Semester

Sr.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

BCH-4.01 Corporate Accounting-II

BCH-4.02 Business Ethics

BCH-4.03 Company Law-II

BCH-4.04 Statistical Analysis using MS Excel BCH-4.05 Financial Institutions & Markets BCH-4.06 Auditing

*Comprehensive Viva-Voce

Fifth Semester

Sr.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

BCH-5.01 Financial Management

BCH-5.02 Investment Analysis

BCH-5.03 Money and Banking

BCH-5.04 Contemporary Issues in Commerce

BCH-5.05 Income Tax

BCH-5.06 Entrepreneurship and Small Business

*Comprehensive Viva-Voce

@Report on Contemporary Issues in Commerce

Sixth Semester

Sr.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

BCH-6.01 Accounting for Managers

BCH-6.02 Project Planning & mgt.

BCH-6.03 Income Tax Law & Administration BCH-6.04 Human Resource Management BCH-6.05 Business Environment & International Business

BCH-6.06 Retail Management and Sales Procedures

*Comprehensive Viva-Voce

Career Pathways:

The future prospects for B.Com (H) graduates are as diverse as the program itself. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, graduates find themselves well-positioned for a myriad of career pathways. Whether pursuing careers in accounting firms, financial institutions, multinational corporations, consulting firms, or entrepreneurial ventures, B.Com (H) graduates are sought after for their versatile skill set and specialized knowledge. Furthermore, the honours designation enhances their credibility and marketability in the competitive job market, opening doors to lucrative opportunities for career advancement and growth.