BBA Course & College for Girls

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program stands as a cornerstone in the realm of business education, offering a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to understanding the intricacies of modern commerce and management. This undergraduate program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to thrive in the dynamic world of business.

Exploring the Curriculum:

At the heart of the BBA program lies a carefully curated curriculum designed to provide students with a holistic understanding of various aspects of business administration. Courses cover a wide range of subjects including business communication, organizational behavior, marketing management, financial management, operations management, and strategic management. Through a blend of theoretical concepts, case studies, and practical applications, students develop a robust foundation in business principles and management practices.

Over the span of three years, a BBA student will develop a profound understanding of the following subjects:


First Semester

Paper No Title of Paper(s)

BBAN101 Business Organization

BBAN102 Business Mathematics

BBAN103 Financial Accounting

BBAN104 Computer Fundamentals BBAN105 Business Communication BBAN106 Micro-economics for Business Decisions

Second Semester

Paper No Title of Paper(s)

BBAN201 Principles of Management BBAN202 Macro-economic Analysis and Policy

BBAN203 Company accounts

BBAN204 Computer Applications in Management

BBAN205 Organizational Behavior

BBAN206 Business Statistics


Third Semester

Paper No Title of Paper(s)

BBAN301 Cost and Management Accounting

BBAN302 Marketing Management

BBAN303 Capital Markets

BBAN304 Introduction to Information Technology

BBAN305 Environment Studies

BBAN306 Disaster Management

Fourth Semester

Paper No Title of Paper(s)

BBAN401 Financial Management

BBAN402 Human Resource Management BBAN403 Business Research Methods

BBAN404 Business Laws

BBAN405 Data Base Management System

BBAN406 Human Rights and Values


Fifth Semester

Paper No Title of Paper(s)

BBAN501 Production and Materials Management

BBAN502 Company Law

BBAN503 Indian Business Environment BBAN504 Computer Networking & Internet

BBAN505 Presentation Skills and Personality Development

BBAN506 Cyber Security

BBAN507 Summer Training Report

Sixth Semester

Paper No Title of Paper(s)

BBAN601 Income Tax

BBAN602 System Analysis & Design BBAN603 Foundations of International Business

BBAN604 Consumer Protection

BBAN605 E-Commerce

BBAN606 Project Report

BBAN607 Comprehensive Vivavoce

Career Pathways:

Upon completion of the BBA program, graduates are well-equipped to pursue diverse career pathways in the corporate sector, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, or entrepreneurial ventures. Career opportunities may include roles such as business analyst, management trainee, marketing coordinator, human resource specialist, financial analyst, operations manager, or business consultant. The versatile skill set acquired through the BBA program, combined with practical experience and specialization, positions graduates for success in today’s competitive job market.

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