B.Sc. Biotechnology

B.Sc. Biotechnology Course for Girls

Biotechnology is one of the branches of life Sciences that exploit cellular bioprocess to develop products and technologies to help improve mankind and the overall health of the planet. The concept of this field dates to the times when biological processes of microorganisms were utilized to make and store useful dairy products such as cheese and bread. The question is how far we have advanced. With the advancement in Molecular Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, the scope of altering DNA to change the characteristics and functions of organisms has increased. From the time on Biotechnology has spread its application to different disciplines like Biochemistry, Genetics, Artificial intelligence, etc. Here discoveries are being made in every field of natural science be it bio-physics or astronomy.

The Biotechnology degree course gives the opportunity to learn about biological sciences, study the basic and advanced techniques of research, learn to apply experimental methods and analytical procedures, and understand the applications and uses of biotechnology. Before we move on to the BSc Biotech syllabus, let us first understand the degree in general and how has the study of Biotechnology led to discoveries in medicine, agriculture, or industrial biotechnology.

Why Choose B.Sc Biotechnology?

One can acquire a flourishing career in Biotechnology if you are equipped high analytical, diligent, and above all enthusiastic to learn more. So, here are the top advantages that will appeal you to pursue a career in Biotechnology.

  • Biotechnology is listed among the most popular courses now a days. As it enables you to learn about innovative technologies. Biotechnology is an excellent career option in general as it provides students with applicable skills and a higher salary.
  • Biotechnology courses have a wide spectrum of use in both the public and pvt. sectors. Selecting the best appropriate industry based on your passion and expertise will help you boost your future opportunities for work.
  • One must be familiar with the latest tools and technology. In addition, there is a lot of room for advancement in this profession; you can start at the bottom and work your way up to become a senior scientist. Biotechnology also has a lot of potential in other advanced economies overseas.
  • Training and Internships are integral part of a biotechnology course. with Internships and industrial experiences also allow students to expand their professional networks.
  • Following Covid-19, the requirement of biotechnology professionals has grown many folds. It is a versatile profession with a diverse range of job opportunities. Today, Biotechnology is among the most economic downturn professions.

Graduates are well-prepared to enter a wide range of career opportunities. Explore, enroll in, and earn a degree in this field to support the community and stay safe!

Careers after a B.Sc in biotechnology.

  • Lab Technician
  • Microbiologist
  • Biostatistician
  • Epidemiologist
  • Biochemist
  • Clinical Research associate
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Medical Representative
  • Medical Writer
  • Biotechnology insrtructor
  • Food Safety officer
  • Quality controller


Semester I

Semester II



Plant Diversity I and Bioprospecting Cell




Biochemistry and Metabolism Physical

Animal Diversity & Economic Zoology Physical Chemistry


Organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Seminar and term paper writing on Biostatistics/Microbiology/Genetics/Animal Diversity

Organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Lab Course I & II

Lab Course I & II

Semester III

Semester IV

Medical Microbiology

Animal Diversity II

Bioanalytical Tools

Molecular Biology

Plant Physiology

Animal Developmental Biology

Plant Diversity II

Mammalian Physiology

Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Lab Course-I & II

Seminar and term paper writing on Molecular Biology/Animal Developmental
biology / Physiology

Lab Course-I & II

Semester V

Semester VI


I.P.R. Entrepreneurship Bio-ethics & Bio-Safety

Recombinant DNA Technology Immunology

Animal Biotechnology

Genomic & Proteomics

Bioprocess Technology

Physical Chemistry

Plant Biotechnology & Environmental Biotechnology

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Lab Course-I BT-505 to BT-507

Inorganic Chemistry

Project report and presentation

Lab Course- I &II

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