The mission of the BSC SPORTS SCIENCE is a sports science program is to provide students with a comprehensive education in the scientific principles ,theories ,and practical application of sports and exercise science .Through rigorous academic coursework ,hands on experience and research opportunities , we equip our students with the knowledge ,skill ,and competencies necessary for successful careers in the field . 

A B.Sc in Sports Science opens doors to roles like Sports Scientist, Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist. Graduates can work in professional sports ,rehabilitation or research contributing to athlete performance and well being .  

Over 3 Years students of B.Sc SPORTS SCIENCE  will gain deep knowledge of these subjects ➖

BSC -I (Ist Semester)

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

1.01 Qualifying Hindi

1.02 Foundation of physical education and sports

1.03 Theory of game ( Kabaddi , Volleyball ,Judo) ,

1.04  Theory of Athletics ( Sprints ,100mtr,200mtr and 5000mtr)

BSC  (IInd Semester)

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

2.01  Qualifying English

2.02  Anatomy of Fitness

2.03  Computer Application 

2.04  Theory of game (Badminton ,baseball , Archery ,Weight lifting 

2.05  Theory of Athletics  Relay race ,and high jump

BSC  -IIIrd Semester

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

3.01 Qualifying Environmental

3.02 Kinesiology

3.03 Theory of game (Football ,Handball ,Swimming , Gymnastics )

3.04 Theory of Athletics

3.05 Gymnastics and other activitie

BSC  –IVth Semester

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

4..01 Physiology of exercise

4.02 Health Education ,first aid and safrty measure

4.03  Theory of Games Table tennis ,Suiting and Wrestling

4.04 Theory of Athletics  ( hurdle ,high jump ,shot put)

BSC –Vth Semester

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

 5.01  Physiotherapy

5.02 Sports Psychology

5.03 Theory of game ( Hockey ,Kho – Kho ,Tennis and Netball

5.04  Theory of Athletics

BSC  –VIth Semester

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

6.01 Foundation of Sports Training

6.02  Sports Sociology

6.03  Theory of Game ( Softball , Basketball ,Wrestling

6.04  Theory of Athletics ( triple jump ,hammer throw

Course Objective
  • Understand the fundamentals : Gain a solid foundation in the key concept of sports science ,including Biomechanics , Physiology ,Psychology ,Nutrition ,and exercise prescription .
  • Enhance Performance : Explore the physiological and biomechanical factors that contribute to superior athletics performance and learn strategies to optimize performance across different sports.
  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation : Study the cause of sports related injuries and discover evidence based approaches to prevent injury and facilitate effective rehabilitation .
  • Sports Psychology explore the  psychological factors that influence sports performance ,including motivation ,confidence ,focus ,goal setting , and mental resilience

Training Principal : Dive into the principal of training ,including periodization ,load management ,recovery techniques ,and the use of technology to monitor  and enhance training programs.

Nutrition for Athlete : Examine the role of nutrition in sports performance ,including Energy metabolism ,hydration , nutrient timing , and dietary strategies to support optimal Performance and recovery .                           

COURES OUTCOME : Upon the completion of this course ,you will possess a course , Comprehensive understanding of the scientific principle and over All knowledge about sports and athletics . A qualification in Sports science paves the way for diverse career paths in the

Athletics domain . Graduates can pursue careers as sports Coaches ,fitness instructors ,exercise physiologists ,or sports Therapists, contributing , to various aspects of athletics Development and Health Care .