MSc. Bio-Technology Course & College for Girls

The multidisciplinary M. Sc in Biotechnology course brings together aspects of biology, chemistry and cell biology which covers knowledge across several key fields. The students will gain critical and analytical skills and learn to solve problems, establishing the practical and professional skills one needs for employment or further study.

The course helps to develop a creative attitude to the development and manufacture of biotechnology products. As well as subject-specific knowledge, the student also gains critical awareness of the advances at the forefront of biotechnology. By exploring these biological systems, the students will be able to develop the technology, tools, and products used in research, industry, and agriculture.

The course also includes a research project. The project further enhances the practical knowledge and laboratory cognizance in them. Students opting for industrial project work get a first-hand experience of operations at a larger scale.

Why Choose M.Sc Biotechnology?

One can acquire a flourishing career in Biotechnology if you are equipped high analytical, diligent, and above all enthusiastic to learn more. So, here are the top advantages that will appeal to you to pursue a career in Biotechnology.

      For MSc Bio-tech graduates, numerous top companies in Food Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Environmental Control, Public Funded Laboratories, Waste Management, Chemical, Food Processing, and other related industries

      After earning their MSc in Biotechnology, students can find employment in a variety of bioprocessing sectors in positions like Production, Management, and Planning. After receiving an MSc in Biotechnology, students may dive into technological advancements can look for positions as research associates

      Students can learn a variety of experiments under the guidance of experienced scientists and make novel discoveries

      At prestigious colleges that provide BSc and MSc Biotechnology courses, students may also be able to work as assistant professors. They can also work in the fields of Management, Research Administration, Sales and Marketing, Quality Assurance, and Technical Support, among other positions


Careers after a M.Sc. in biotechnology.


  • Microbiologist
  • Biostatistician
  • Epidemiologist
  • Biochemist
  • Clinical Research associate
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Medical Representative
  • Medical Writer
  • Biotechnology instructor
  • Food Safety officer
  • Quality controller
  • Regulatory Affairs Associate
  • Chemical, Electrical, Environmental, and Industrial Engineer
  • Professor
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Environmental engineers




Semester I

Semester II

Cell biology


Biomolecules and metabolism



Molecular Human Physiology and Dev. Biology


Molecular Plant Physiology & Development Biology


Molecular Biology

pen elective subject Principles & Applications of Biotechnology

Communication Skill

communication skills


Lab Course – I & II

Lab Course – I & II



Semester III

Semester IV

Plant Biotechnology

IPR Biosafety, Ethical, Legal, Social Issues In Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology

Microbial Technology


Biostats/ Virology/Nano- Biotechnology

Summer Training/ Dissertation

Bioprocess Engineering


Environmental Biotechnology


Lab Course I & II



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