M. A Political Science

M. A Political Science Course for Girls

M. A Political Science involves the study of both national and international political systems. In M.A. Political Science, students will be taught historical and modern political systems, public administration, governmental policies and procedures, international relations, and public affairs.


Paper-I Western Political Thought-I

Paper-II Indian Government and Politics-I

Paper-III International Politics – I

Paper-IV Public Administration-I

Paper-V Research Methodology-I


Paper-I Western Political Thought – II

Paper-II Indian Government and Politics-II

Paper-III International Politics-II

Paper-IV Public Administration-II

Paper-V Research Methodology-II


Paper-XI : Contemporary Political Thought and Theory-I

Paper-XII : Comparative Politics & Political Analysis-I

Paper-XIII : International Law-I

Paper XIV: Theory & Practice of Diplomacy-I

Paper-XV : Foreign Policy of India-I


Paper -IContemporary Political Thought and Theory-II

Paper-II : Comparative Politics & Political Analysis-II

Paper-III : International Law-II

Paper-IV : Theory and Practice of Diplomacy-II

Paper-V : Foreign Policy of India-II


For a Competitive Mind

  • Civil Services
  • Teaching

For a Researcher’s Mind • Political Analyst • Public Affairs Research Analyst

  • Human right Activist
  • Political Journalist
  • Career Counselor

For a Writer’s Mind

  • Publisher
  • Editor

• Content Writer For a Managerial Mind • Social Management Organizations • Public Relations • Campaign Operative

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