B.Com Course & College for Girls

The course of study offered by the B.Com (Pass) program is more comprehensive. It covers various topics concerning business, including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, business management, and allied fields.

Without requiring students to specialise in any field, this kind of program gives them a broad understanding of business and commerce. It’s a flexible choice that lets students study several facets of business and could be appropriate for individuals seeking a well-rounded business and commerce education.

Over 3 Years students of B.com(Pass) will gain deep knowledge of these subjects ➖

B.Com-I (Ist Semester)

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

1.01 Financial Accounting-I

1.02 Business Mathematics-I

1.03 Business Economics-I

1.04 Business Management –I

1.05 Business Communication Skills

1.06 Basics of computers-I

B.Com-I (IInd Semester)

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

2.01 Financial Accounting -II

2.02 Business Mathematics-II

2.03 Business Economics-II

2.04 Business Management –II

2.05 Business Environment

2.06 Basics of computers-II

Environmental Studies (Qualifying Paper)

B.Com-II -IIIrd Semester

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

3.01 Corporate Accounting-I

3.02 Business Statistics-I

3.03 Business Regulatory Framework-I

3.04 Corporate Law-I

3.05 Human Resource Management

3.06 Optional (Any one from the followings)

i. Fundamental of Insurance

ii. Basics of Retailing

iii. Production Management

iv. Computer: Application of Information Technology in Business –I

B.Com-II –IVth Semester

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

4.01 Corporate Accounting-II

4.02 Business Statistics-II

4.03 Business Regulatory Framework-II

4.04 Corporate Law-II

4.05 Marketing Management

4.06 Optional (Any one from the followings)

i. Business Ethics

ii. Banking and Banking Law

iii. Secretarial Practices

iv. Computer: Application of Information Technology in Business –II

B.Com-III –Vth Semester

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

 5.01 Taxation Law -I

5.02 Cost Accounting-I

5.03 Accounting for Management

5.04 Financial Market Operations

5.05 Entrepreneurship and Small Scale Business

5.06 Optional (Any one out of followings)

 i. International Trade

ii. Investment Management

iii. Computer: Essentials of E-Commerce-I

iv. International Business Environment

B.Com-III –VIth Semester

S.No. Nomenclature of the Paper

6.01 Taxation Law-II

6.02 Cost Accounting -II

6.03 Financial Management

6.04 Auditing

6.05 Goods and Services Tax & Customs Law

6.06 Optional (any one out of the followings) i. International Marketing

ii. Fundamentals of Operations Research

iii. Computer: Essentials of E-Commerce-II

iv. Tax Planning and Management

After completing their B.Com (Pass) degree with us, students have various pathways to explore:

  • Com (Pass) graduates possess the skills to excel in accounting and finance roles within businesses. They can undertake responsibilities such as bookkeeping, financial analysis, and managing accounts payable/receivable, even without specializing in these areas.
  • For entry-level positions, opportunities abound in retail, manufacturing, finance, insurance, and service sectors. Roles like administrative assistants, customer service representatives, sales associates, and management trainees are among the many possibilities.
  • Some graduates may opt to venture into entrepreneurship, leveraging their comprehensive understanding of business fundamentals acquired through the B.Com (Pass) program.
  • Pursuing further education and specialization is another viable option for B.Com (Pass) degree holders, serving as a solid foundation for advanced studies in commerce-related fields.

Consulting firms actively seek individuals with diverse educational backgrounds. With their combination of strong analytical and communication skills alongside a B.Com (Pass) degree, graduates can pursue careers in management consulting, financial consulting, or business advisory services

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