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10 Best Career Options After BBA Degree Course

In the quickly evolving global markets, a minimal graduation is probably not sufficient for professional advancement, in fact, it has become obligatory to prepare yourself for recently developing professional challenges. Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a very common graduate degree in India. It is typically selected by individuals with a background in business and arts. In order to establish a lucrative career in management and business administration, the course structure and material of this degree empower the students with the necessary abilities to stay ahead of the curve.

The BBA degree program lasts three years and assists you in becoming acquainted with fundamental and advanced concepts of economics, trade and commerce, contemporary theoretical and practical approaches in organisational management, corporate financing, practical applications of business accounting, role and responsibilities of HR, desk management, and most importantly, the most recent procedures followed in the world of business.

One of the major advantages of this degree is that the applicants can belong to any of the three backgrounds (science, business, and arts) in the past making it the most versatile professional course. The BBA is unquestionably one of the few professional degrees that put students in the catbird.

If you are looking for career options after BBA, read till the end. The top 10 popular job profiles that come with rewarding careers are;

1- MBA

After completing BBA, the finest master’s degree to pursue is an MBA. Professionals who acquire an MBA, are taught business principles including leadership, communication, critical thinking, and analytical abilities. An in-depth study of the curriculum reveals that an MBA strikes a balance between a core curriculum that emphasizes accounting, ethics, finance, marketing, and macro/micro economics and electives that foster leadership qualities, such as networking, student conferences, and advanced student projects.

With an MBA, one can interact with students from all around the world who have various job experiences and viewpoints on the global economy.

2- Start-Up / Entrepreneurship

After earning a BBA, one can launch one’s own company. If there is a solid idea and a talented team to work with, the BBA degree will play a pivotal role not only in setting up the foundation of the idea but also running it efficiently. But before beginning a firm, it is suggested to work somewhere else as this will provide you with a first-hand experience of the corporate world, which will ensure a smooth run in the business.

3- Marketing, Sales, and Finance Jobs

You can start working as an analyst, in a variety of areas, including marketing, sales, finance, and human resources. The most frequent and well-liked careers following a BBA include internships, positions as an accountant, financial advisor, marketer, commodities trader, human resources executive, loan officer, salesperson, real estate agent, and in customer relations, among others.

4- Event Management

Following your BBA, you may decide to work as an event manager for organizations that plan events. If you have a BBA, pursuing a career in event management is much simpler as this course has already trained you with best of the managerial skills.

5- Hotel Management

After acquiring a BBA, those interested in a career in hotel management can enroll in a PG Diploma or Masters-level degrees like MHM (Masters in Hotel Management) or an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism.

6- CA (Chartered Accountant)

If you have an interest in accounting or economics, you can also prepare for taking the exam for CA. It contributes significantly to daily life’s economics. For the past four to five years, the need for young chartered accountants has been rapidly increasing. There are many opportunities for chartered accountants in a variety of industries, including auditing, consulting, tax administration, finance, and financial analysis. Getting a portfolio as a charted accountant prepares for a flourishing career in finance after a BBA.

7- Government Jobs – SSC, Bank PO, or Indian Railways

SSC and banking examinations are another set of well-liked graduate-level tests for positions in centralised banks and government ministries. Also, If you wish to work in the railways, you must pass the Railways Recruitment Board (RRB) examinations for positions such as railway officers, ticket checkers, assistant station masters, assistant locomotive pilots, and apprentices, among others.

8- Law

LL.B. or Bachelor in Law program is also a very flexible course that invites candidature from different streams. This multidimensional course not only governs the legal functions to be followed but also serves as an advisory in different day to day tasks. The previous knowledge from BBA will work as a helping hand in your law career.

9- Digital Marketing

In the past ten years, graduates have been increasingly interested in careers in digital marketing. Students from different disciplines can pursue careers in digital marketing.

The most sought-after positions in digital marketing include

  • SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Marketing with content and videos
  • Email Advertising
  • Online shopping segment
  • Web Analytics
  • Mobile marketing,
  • Teaching

If you are a competent instructor or an expert in any subject linked to business or any other field, you can start your own institution or offer private tutoring. You can advise students on entrance exams or you can also work as a career consultant, making money in this way is quite simple. BBA would be the best career path for you if you want to master the complexities and nuances of the business world and pursue a stable professional career.

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